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January 24, 2005

Cubs Blog Army, Class of Jan. 24 2005

Four new Cubs Blogs for you all today... - Jason

"Regularly updated, but not just Cub info. Illini and politics." - Jason. has been going at it since March 2004. While technically not a new blog, he is a new member of the CBA. He has been added to the regularly updated list.

Jason's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to them, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Deep Within the Vault - Eric Peters

"A forum for me to share my thoughts and insight into the Cubs at both the Major and minor league levels (as well as a bit about TV and film), all from my dark little closet-sized office... " - Eric.

Eric started blogging in September 2004. According to his site, he works as a vault librarian for the day time reality show starting over... so his site's tagline is: Ramblings on TV, film, & Chicago Cubs baseball from the tape vault of the reality show "Starting Over".

Eric's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to them, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Electric Cubbie Bluegaloo - Johnny Rhoads and Chelsea

"Hello. My name is Johnny, and this is a Cub blog. There are a lot of Cub blogs, and now this is one of them. If you don't want to read this one, I understand. However, I really think you'd be making a mistake. For instance, did you know that one of the authors of this blog is a girl? Did you? How many Cub blogs have that going for them? Maybe if you play your cards right, you can date. " - Johnny Rhoads, Introductions and such.

How many Cub blogs have that going for them? Now that you ask? Two plus yours. A shout out to the female bloggers: Miss Fantastick who asks When is next year? and 1060 west's very own CornCobDress (I apologize if I am wrong about that... or if I missed your blog. Please email me to complain.)

Electric Bluegaloo's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to them, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

the chicago cubs - Jeffrey Sipe

What the site's name lacks in creativity, it makes up for in clarity of purpose. Jeffrey's site tagline is: The Chicago Cubs - Insight into being a fan of the Chicago Cubs.

the chicago cubs' RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to them, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 9:59 PM | Comments (2)

January 13, 2005

Holy Cow Baseball Blog

The latest Cubs Blog Army member is...

Holy Cow Baseball Blog - PB4Baseball

"I simply want to provide interesting and insighful commentary on the Cubs and all of baseball, and I want to share my thoughts and opinions with all of the Cubbie Nation. " - PB4Baseball.

The Holy Cow Baseball Blog started on January 4th and has written about Ryno's Hall of fame induction, falling concrete at Wrigley, and the Carlos Beltran negotiations, among other topics. Go check them out.

Their RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to them, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 12:22 AM

January 12, 2005

CBA E-mail #4: Cubs Convention Lunch, New Blogs, N Syndication

To: -- Cubs Blog Army --

Date: January 12, 2005
Time: 21:21:27

Subject: CBA EMAIL #4: Cubs Convention Lunch, New Blogs, N Syndication

Greetings Cubs Blog Army,

I hope everyone is doing well and had a good holiday season. Of course, the best thing about putting the holidays behind us is that the baseball season is on its way (81 days til first pitch). But first, the Cubs Convention! It is coming up on January 21,22,23.

I have four blogs (5 people) who have indicated so far that they are interested in getting together for a meal during the convention, and I am planning on doing lunch in the Hilton Restaurant. If you will be at the convention, or in Chicago on that weekend and are interested, please email me back ( and let me know you want to come.

There are also a few new Cubs blogs out there since the last time I sent one of these emails out. There is:

Holy Cow Baseball Blog -
True Blue -
and Stuck in Columbus with the Wrigley Blues Again

Again, there are links to these sites available on, with a little information about each of the blogs.

Also, I have fixed the Cubs Blog Army Code generator so that it actually matches what is up on the site. Even if you updated your links a month or so ago, I would urge everyone to consider doing so again, we've got 6 to 8 new Cubs Blogs, and most of them look like they are going to make it. The Code link is on the left hand side of in white text, just above the links to the rest of the sites.


If you know what it is, you have probably already done this... but if you don't read up.

Syndication is essentially a text file that most web blog programs will publish in one of several formats. (Blogger uses Atom) This file can then be read by programs which comb through websites looking for updates. With over 50 Cubs blogs already, most of us don't have time to check all the sites daily, so some good blogs are getting lost in the shuffle (also Yahoo is starting to use these feeds in its search engine submissions, and is doing a great job of quickly indexing blogs so that search results will be more likely to come to your site). Help yourself stand out by making your syndication feed available.

How do I make my syndication available?
If you are using blogger go to...


So for instance, 1060 West's syndication feed is available at

and their website is

OK, now that you have found your syndication feed, go to this website:

fill out the appropriate information and make sure to put your syndication feed in the form.

After a few days, Todd Muchmore who runs will add your feed, and then whenever you post a new post, it will appear on the list of Cubs Blog Entries that his site provides. These entries are then picked up, and published by several websites, including:

This is a sure fire way to get your site to stand out, and increase your readership. Plus it helps us all stay on top of the CBA (Cubs Blog Army) easier.

(If you have already submitted your site to Sportsblogs, but didn't have a syndication feed, email Todd Muchmore at and let him know the URL to your feed. He'll add it for you.)

OK, thats it for this CBA update. Remember to head over to and check out the new (and old) Cubs Blog sites. Also, please kindly consider updating your link sections... even some of the very frequently updated blogs haven't done so in much too long).

Finally, a reminder from the last update: Joe Aiello and View From the Bleachers are running a poll for 'Best Cubs Blog of 2004 minus a few blogs such as Cub Reporter' check it out and vote for your favorite. voting ends the 15th I believe.

Byron Clarke,

p.s. If this is your first CBA update, I have recently added you to the list. If you would like this to be your last CBA update, please email me at and I will promptly remove you from my list.

Posted by Byron at 9:21 PM

January 10, 2005

Cubs Convention Lunch

OK folks, I got a mild response on the Cubs Convention Dinner idea, so we are going to do lunch.

I have four people who are interested so far, if you haven't written me an email: please do so if you wish to meet up with your fellow bloggers for lunch.

We are tentatively going to meet at 11 a.m. in the Hilton restaurant.

Posted by Byron at 8:36 PM

January 5, 2005

TrueBlue 2005

Another day, another new Cubs Blog! Again, these things are popping out like rabbits!

TrueBlue 2005 - written by Gavin Dow

"I plan to use my website to basically write down all my thoughts about the Cubs, and baseball in general. Most of my posts will be commentary on the news, as well as some analysis, and a bit of prediction." - Gavin Dow.

Of special note to me, Gavin is a Boilermaker (Purdue). As a former boiler myself, I have one thing to say: "Boiler Up!"

Posted by Byron at 5:08 PM | Comments (1)

January 4, 2005

Stuck Inside Columbus with the Wrigley Blues Again

Another day, another new Cubs Blog!

Wrigley Blues - written by Publius

"This blog will be maintained by a late-20s Cubs fan living in Columbus, Ohio. I plan to post my musings on Cubs baseball, baseball in general, politics and life. I hope that this forum will satisfy my creative writing urges and provide at least a little thought provoking entertainment for those who peruse the blog."

I also moved a few blogs that have been active again. Marcus Zilmann II's Chicago Cubs Fan Blog has been moved up, as well as Northside Report, and Vintage Chicago Sports. Windy City Baseball was demoted to the retired section.

Posted by Byron at 5:44 PM

January 3, 2005

Best Cubs Blog not named 'The Cub Reporter' 2004

Joe Aiello, over at View From the Bleachers is running his annual awards poll for the best Cubs Blog of 2004 not named 'The Cub Reporter.'

Please go vote, it will be fun!

Here you go!

Posted by Byron at 10:37 PM

The Cub Ramble

I have been asked to add a link for a few more new sites, so here they are:

The Cub Ramble - written by Jimmy Juliano

"My website is in the spirit of ESPN's Page 2, a humorous, sarcastic, and off-color analysis of the Cubs and other happenings around Major League Baseball."

There are also a few more Cubs blogs that have popped up through called...

Baseball Diamond News - by Greg Abcarian

The author, Greg Abcarian, told that his site is a baseball blog heavily skewed towards the Cubs.

Wrigley Rantings - by John Rayman

Rayman told that his site was: "A sometimes humorous blog about Cubs and other baseball related topics"

Cublog - by Dan B.

Dan says he is "a displaced fan living out in SF," and is just getting started.

Posted by Byron at 9:12 PM

CBA E-mail #3: Cubs Blog Vote and More

To: -- Cubs Blog Army --

Date: January 3, 2005
Time: 20:12:17

Subject: Cubs Blog Vote and More

Hello Cubs Blog Army!

It is the new year, another year of high hopes...another 'next year.'

Its been awhile since my last update, but I do have some news that is important, so read up:

--> I found someone selling tickets for the Cubs Convention, if you are interested, reply to me.

--> Joe Aiello over at View From the Bleachers is running his annual best Cubs Blog, read about it and go vote:

--> I have added five more links to the Cubs Blog Army, the links can be found at, the sites are:
A FistFull of Hugh's -
The Cub Ramble -
Baseball Diamond News -
Wrigley Rantings -
CubLog -

Finally, I am going to try and arrange a Cubs Blog Army Dinner for the Saturday night of the Cubs Convention, if you will be attending the convention and are interested please reply to me:

Thanks all,
Byron Clarke

Posted by Byron at 8:12 PM

A Fistfull of Hugh's

Another week, another Cubs Blog. The new blog that popped up on the radar screen this week is called "A Fistfull of Hugh's" and has several contributors, including godhugh, and Ed. They have been going for a little over a month, covering topics such as possible Cubs Closers, possible new outfielders for the Cubs, Sammy Sosa trade rumors, and the halo 2 release.

Here is the html code if you wish to add them.

Also of note, Mike from "Only the Game Matters" has decided to close up shop with his current blog, and try a different take on things. He'll be launching a Cubs History site sometime this spring. So, Only the Game Matters is being moved to the retired section of the CBA. I will be sure to make mention of his new site again when things get going.

Credit Where Credit is Due.

Jason Steffens from Cubs Chronicle sent me an email asking me to mention that Scott Lange of Northside Lounge is the one who originally came up with this whole 'Cubs Blog Army' concept. (I did not know this.) So, credit is due to Scott, who has graciously said it was OK to keep using the name.

Finally, thanks to Mike J. from Old Style Cubs, I have fixed the Most Recent Updates link so that it is no longer a dead link.

If you missed it, then you missed out - Post of the week:
Cubs Now critique of Will Carroll's NYT Op-Ed Piece.

Posted by Byron at 8:47 AM

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