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February 25, 2005

The Cubs Scout

Truth and Cubs. Like Oil and Water?

The Cubs Scout - Andrew Quinn

"I've been blogging a long time, but it's about kind of serious and at times boring topics. I love baseball and the Cubs, and so I wanted to expand my writing to my other huge hobby whilst being able to hopefully contribute some insight to fans everywhere. I hope, via the Cubs Scout, to expand both my horizons from a writing-standpoint, and the horizons of my readers." - Andrew Quinn

Andrew Quinn, of Verite (sorry about the fancy dancy e, but this is America! and I don't know how to make the e...) fame has started a Cubs blog. His first three posts seem to indicate that he'll take a bit of a statistical approach to the game. Well, wander over and poke around.

The Cubs Scout's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 6:12 PM

Spring Cleaning

If you are like me, when you spring clean you just kind of rearrange things, barely throwing anything out. Well, I've done some 'cleaning' up of the CBA list.

After an offseason of silence, End the Drought and Lets Play Two are back on-board for another season. Both of these blogs are excellent and I'm thrilled to see the authors breathing a bit more life into their blogs.

Promotions: No longer newbies, these blogs have graduated into the upper tier as 'Regularly Updated.' 14 Days of Ambivalence, Baseball Diamond News, The Cub Ramble, Stuck inside Columbus with the Wrigley Blues Again, and Live from the Wrigleyfield Jail Cell.

The Rooftop Report looks like its firing up again, and so it has been moved up into the regularly updated section. This really is one of the finer blogs in the CBA. Also, Where its 1,2,3 strikes yer out has been moved up.

So, with lots of shifting around, I suggest that now is an excellent time to update your links.

Posted by Byron at 5:36 PM

February 18, 2005

Goodbye 1908, Hello 2005

Video Games and Sports? Now that's awesome.

Goodbye 1908, Hello 2005 - Dave, AlamoCub

"The blog will provide a humorous and honest look at Chicago Cubs baseball throughout the year, as well as discussion of most anything and everything, including baseball video games, video games, and the Superbowl halftime show. Readers may not agree with our takes on Cubs Baseball, but can certainly see the passion and love for the Chicago Cubs flowing from it's pages" - Dave

This blog probably shouldn't start out in the Newbies section... but thats policy. Dave started blogging in December, apparently to provide a distraction from his six cats. He loves baseball and video games and those two topics are the meat and potatoes of what he and AlamoCub are doing. Dave told me that he met AlamoCub on the NorthSideBaseball forums and that they play XBox Live together. Anyhow, go check it out.

Goodbye 1908, Hello 2005's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 10:18 AM

From the Corner of Grace and Wayne

Another Hoosier joins the CBA. This time, its the Indiana University type of Hoosier... not just your average Indiana Hoosier... Go IU!

From the Corner of Grace and Wayne - Jason Rieger

"As my site says, insights and observations on baseball, books, and politics. Well, not insights exactly...more like shallow observations. I'm like the Jerry Seinfeld of Cub baseball, except for the funny part. To wit: "Hey, you ever notice that Kyle Farnsworth wears tight pants? What's the deal with that?" From the Corner of Grace and Wayne: Content free since February 16th, 2005!" - Jason Rieger

Jason started his blog on Wednesday, so we're witnessing the beginning of good things. So far, he has posted thrice, the obligatory introductory post which was pretty funny. A post declaring that he has blacked out the 2004 season, and asking whether it actually happened, and then a post comparing Paul Bako, Henry Blanco and an old woman with a cane. The woman with the Cane apparently wins out.

From the Corner of Grace and Wayne's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 9:52 AM

February 15, 2005

CBA Fantasy Baseball

The CBA fantasy baseball e-mail was just sent out. If you wanted to be in the league and didn't get the email, email me NOW!

We currently have eight, and could probably go up to 12.

Posted by Byron at 10:47 AM

February 13, 2005

Cubs Obsessed

Cubs Blog #2 for today. Check your email, Cubs Blog Army Update Email #6 will be on its way.

Cubs Obsessed - Nate

"Most of my posts will be based around a combination of sabrmetric analysis and personal thoughts, with a lot of focus on the starting pitchers (see for an example of my obsession with SP stats), and I also plan to create, with a friend, what I think is the first Cubs podcast." - Nate.

I had to look up what a podcast was. It seems like it is some kind of streaming audio that you download and listen to at your leisure. Otherwise, Nate's site has just started. He has one post covering where the 2004 Cubs are now. So, here is your change to get on-board early. Go check it out.

Cubs Obsessed' RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 3:09 PM

The Chicago National League Ball Club

Spring Training starts this week, and we've got a few more blogs who have decided to join us for this season.

The Chicago National League Ball Club - 'Edward Applebee'

"We follow the Chicago Cubs because our instinct tells us to, and we know it's out of our control. We cheer, we sing, we jeer, we scream all for the baseball team we give a part, if not all, of our soul to. Hoping that some October night, we'll finally hear the words we've been waiting to hear our entire lives....."Cubs Win!" " - 'Edward Applebee'.

This blog has been up and running for a week and has touched on the issues that have been in the news. 'Edward' started with an introductory post, and has mentioned blue kool-aid, the Farnsworth trade, the Ordonez signing, and Steve Stone coming back to Chicago on The Score. Head on over and give it a look-see.

The Chicago National League Ball Club's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

I've got one more coming in 10 minutes.

Posted by Byron at 2:50 PM

CBA E-mail #6: New Blogs, Friendly Competition, Email Form

To: -- Cubs Blog Army --

Date: February 13, 2005
Time: 14:21:09

Subject: CBA Email #6: New Blogs, Friendly Competition, Email Form

Greetings Cubs Blog Army!

I'm sorry that I have been stuffing folks inboxes the last few days, but I needed to send out a test email of the newly revised form, plus its about time for a CBA update, so I combined the two.

First, spring training starts this week... Finally!

Second, we have some new blogs since the last time I emailed out one of these:

14 Days of Ambivalence:
Die-Hard Cubs Fun:
The Business of Baseball:
Bleed Cubbie Blue:
The Cubbie Corner:
Chicago National League Ball Club:
Cubs Obsessed:

That would be seven new blogs in the last 10 days. I wanted to make special mention of Bleed Cubbie Blue, which is Al Yellon's new blog. I know there have already been about three emails sent out about it, but go check out Al's new digs.

Otherwise, with our new additions, the CBA stands at 72 total blogs, 45 of which get updated pretty much weekly or better, and another handful that I expect will wake up from an offseason of hibernation in the next few weeks.


A request for people interested in fantasy baseball went out with the last update, I'm going to turn over the list of folks interested around Monday at 5 p.m. Central time. Please email me before then if you are interested, otherwise it may be too late. YOU CAN'T MISS OUT ON THESE BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Joe at View From the Bleachers sent out an email this morning looking for participants in an NCAA tourney pool. Unless you are a college football coach, now's the time to get in. I don't think there will be anything but bragging rights on the line. All you Illini punks out there better be signing up. email if you are interested.

Finally, as has been alluded to a few times and an email was already sent out, you can now email the CBA by visiting the CBA site and clicking on the link: email the CBA.

After my first email, I found a few problems, got some addresses bounced, etc. So I fixed the script and things should work better now. Incidentally, this email may be the first time some of you hear about the email list for that reason. Hi Mike.

OK, also, I got another email from a longtime CBA member worried about spam security, here is what I wrote him back about how the form is set up. If you wish to be excluded from the form, I will take you off.

---> I have taken a few steps to avoid having this list spammed.

First, it isn't a single address that someone could send something too. It is everyone's individual address.

Second, the addresses are all hidden. The email is BCC to everyone on the list, so when you 'reply all' or try to see who else received the email, you can't (incidentally, I am the only one who got your reply.)

Finally, any email sent through this script has a message identifying that it was sent through the form, so if it gets spammed even once, I will delete the script. Once the script is gone, the spammer would need everyone's address, which they can't get because it is hidden in the BCC field.

I can't guarantee that there will be no spam, but I can guarantee I'll remove the script as soon as there is one.

If you still don't want to be on the form, or on the CBA list in

general, thats cool. I'll take you off one or both.


OK, so if you want off the list, email me. Until later,

Go Cubs,

Byron Clarke


If this is your first CBA update, I have recently added you to the list. If you would like this to be your last CBA update, please email me at and I will promptly remove you from my list.

This email was sent from the 'Email the CBA' form...

Posted by Byron at 2:21 PM

February 11, 2005

The Cubby Corner

Its Friday! And I've got a new Cubs Blog for you.

The Cubby Corner - John

"The Cubby Corner's tagline is, "No hype. No tripe. Just one Cubs fan and his humble opinion." TCC is about objective news and notes focusing on everything from game reports, trades, off field news, and all things Cubs from the perspective of a die hard Cubs fan living deep in the heart of Cardinals territory. TCC is about embracing whatever it takes for the Cubs to win the World Series... and never drinking the Tribune Company cool aid. Throughout the season and possibly off-season, TCC will occasionally feature original Cubs editorial cartoons by me, John." - John.

I strolled over to the website and I really like it. He's got a cool, crisp logo with a good design. The two posts so far have been written well... but what's got me most excited are the drawings. This is John's second blog, his first Holstein Grove has links to several of his caricatures and I'm excited to see some Cubs related ones. Anyhow, go check it out.

The Cubby Corner's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 6:20 PM

February 10, 2005

Bleed Cubbie Blue

Al Yellon Moved.

Bleed Cubbie Blue - Al Yellon

Al Yellon has moved his blogging efforts to Bleed Cubbie Blue. He is joining Athletics Nation and Red Reporter (two sites I recommend) in a new sports blog company.

Bleed Cubbie Blue's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to them, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

"And Another Thing" is destined for the intermittent updates area because Al plans to keep his non-Cubs posts there.

Posted by Byron at 12:32 AM

February 6, 2005

The Business of Baseball: With a focus on the Chicago Cubs

- Table 6! Table 6 is Up!
- Hello sir, ma'am your order is ready
- Good the 'big game' starts soon
- Aw heck, who cares about that? Check this out...

The Business of Baseball: With a focus on the Chicago Cubs - ajroy

"I have designed this blog to, specifically, highlight my background and experience as a business person and its intersection with my everlasting love of baseball and the Chicago Cubs." - ajroy.

Any blog which can fit in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) in a post is a friend of mine. So far, ajroy has posted twice and has talked about an error in Phil Rogers' column with regards to the 60/40 D/E rule, as well as how the Cubs devalued Sammy Sosa as an asset before shipping him to Baltimore. Go ahead, give it a look... it won't bite.

The Business of Baseball's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 1:12 PM

February 5, 2005

Die-hard Cubs Fun

Having trouble with the written word? We have a comedic picture intensive Cubs blog for you.

Die-hard Cubs Fun - 10man

"This is the only Cubs blog that doesn't talk! Well, not much anyway. I could try to dazzle you with in-depth analysis, new stats, and page-long rants, but the other guys have got that covered. I'd rather give you a cool pic and a few seconds of laughter." - 10man

10man, who many of you know from the comments at TCR has started his own blog of doctored photos to bring a little humor to the CBA. I hope he doesn't mind, but I ripped off one of his pictures as an example.

The LF solution, by 10man

The RSS feed for Die-hard Cubs Fun(syndication) is:

If you want to link to this blog, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Finally, the last CBA email update was apparently flagged as spam by GMail. So, I have added an archive of the past email updates at your left.

Posted by Byron at 12:42 PM

14 Days of Ambivalence

With the Hoosier ratio of Cubs bloggers dwindling, its high time we get another Indiana resident involved... I give you

14 Days of Ambivalence - Shawn Crull

"I am a fanatic Cubs fan. I live and die with them. A perfect day for me would somehow involve time spent at Wrigley watching a game." - Shawn

Shawn started his blog in August, as a birthday present for himself. He posts about many things, most sports related, and many of his posts touch on the Cubs. His latest post details his feeling of being overwhelmed by the whole Sammy Sosa offseason saga. Go check it out!

The RSS feed for 14 Days of Ambivalence (syndication) is:

If you want to link to this blog, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

The title is apparently an inside joke with a few friends, stemming from the movie, Field of Dreams.

Posted by Byron at 12:25 PM

February 3, 2005

Awesome... just Awesome. From the creator of the Clark and Addison Chronicle, turned Cubs Chronicle... I give you:

Jason Steffens, the resident tech wiz of the CBA has another new idea to make Cubs fans the best bloggers on the face of the web. His latest creation,, is open for business and looking good!

Its difficult to define exactly what is... because it is so many things. First, it looks like it will be another excellent daily read. Second, individual users can create their own blogs hosted by The main page will have some of the best posts from

Additionally, Jason has finally come through with a perfect syndication system for Cubs fans. I will be adding a link to his news aggregator page right by the recently updated page. The only reason I am keeping the current one is that it limits the sources to the Cubs Blogs. Jason's page pulls the same syndication feed as my current page, plus feeds from many of the news services.

If you want to link to, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

If you want to link to News Aggregator, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 10:52 PM | Comments (1)

Live from the Wrigley Field Jail Cell

Welcome aboard the Cubs Blog Army Express, we've got another one for you tonight.

Live from the Wrigley Field Jail Cell - HerboTurbo

"For some insight on the lastest happenings from the boys in blue, as well as some stuff around MLB, come join us in the Wrigley Field Jail Cell." - HerboTurbo.

HerboTurbo started his blog in November and has been working in some obscurity for a while. Although he had a bit of a hospital stay that slowed him down recently, he's back and posting with a vengeance. When you have some time, head over and check out the Wrigley Field Jail Cell.

The Wrigley Field Jail Cell's RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to them, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

James in Wrigleyville doesn't like my cutting and pasting? Harumph!James... your fly's undone! Ha! Made you look.

Posted by Byron at 10:33 PM

CBA E-mail #5: New Blogs, Fantasy Baseball League

To: -- Cubs Blog Army --

Date: February 3, 2005
Time: 21:27:40

Subject: CBA Email #5: New Blogs, Fantasy Baseball League

Greetings Cubs Blog Army!

Its been a few weeks since I've sent one of these out, but its about time. Now that Sammy is an Oriole, and Jeromy Burnitz has been signed, this team is looking like it might be set for when pitchers and catchers report.

Well, in case you haven't noticed, the CBA is busting at the seams. We have eight new websites since our last update just over three weeks ago. I highly encourage you to go over to to get the scoop and update your links... but without further ado: - Jason Steffens of the Cubs Chronicle is shifting his efforts to this site which aims to be a great Cubs fan online community. -
Deep within the Vault -
Electric Cubbie Bluegaloo -
the chicago cubs -
Buffalo Cubs -
Death Taxes and Fifth Place -
Live from the Wrigley Field Jail Cell -

Again, you can get links and RSS feeds for all of these blogs at the CBA site.


Although I have sworn off playing fantasy baseball this year, I have seen a few people who were wondering about a CBA fantasy league. If you are interested in playing fantasy baseball against your Cubs Blogging Buddies, send me an email within a week and I'll send out an email next weekend to those of you who wanted to do something... just think about he bragging rights!


Several of us made it up to the Cubs Convention two weekends ago. I'm sure you have read the posts. Unfortunately the lunch didn't come off due to the snow storm that kept a few of us home. I just wanted to thank those who tried to make it happen. We'll get it done next year, but at the right the CBA is growing, we'll have to reserve the southwest exhibition hall.


Although the groundhog saw his shadow this week, Spring Training is coming up soon, even if winter has a while to go. I was walking by the football stadium at school today and the baseball team was practicing on the field. I stopped to watch for a few minutes and almost ended up balling my eyes out. I can't wait for the season to get underway!

Finally, one last nag. Please consider updating your links. It is made easy by copying and pasting the CBA links from

Go Cubs,
Byron Clarke

If this is your first CBA update, I have recently added you to the list. If you would like this to be your last CBA update, please email me at and I will promptly remove you from my list.

Posted by Byron at 9:27 PM

February 2, 2005

Death, Taxes, and 5th Place

No sooner than I posted about the Buffalo Cubs, I got a second email letting me know about...

Death, Taxes, and Fifth Place - CT

"The blog will focus on Cubs analysis but will also cover Chicago sports teams, as well as whatever jumps into my head if it's a slow day for baseball news." - CT.

This blog is brand spanking new. CT started it today and has touched on the Jeromy Burnitz signing, the projected lineup, and a super bowl prediction.

The Buffalo Cubs' RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to them, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

P.S. Check your mail Friday morning. I'll be sending out a CBA update email on Thursday evening. In the meantime, if you have a Cubs blog you want added, request it before then.

Posted by Byron at 11:07 PM | Comments (1)

Buffalo Cubs... won't you come out tonight...

Happy Ground Hogs day folks! The $%&# groundhog saw his shadow... six more weeks of winter. Anyhow, we have a new Cubs blog for you all today...

Buffalo Cubs - Billy Bishop

"To share my thoughts about the Cubs to Cubs nation from Buffalo." - Billy.

The Buffalo Cubs first post was January 26th. In his two weeks of blogging, Billy has covered Sammy Sosa twice, advocated making Greg Maddux the captain after Sammy is gone, and reviewed the pitching staff. Go give it a look-see.

The Buffalo Cubs' RSS feed (syndication) is:

If you want to link to them, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 5:13 PM

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