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June 25, 2005

Dusty Says

Dusty Baker
toothpick chewin
lineup choosin
speaking his mind...

Dusty Says - Carlos & Will

"This enhanced weblog has much to offer. Aside from the daily updates from two different authors, which, obviously, brings two different points of view to the spotlight, we have various sections providing both irrelevant and relevant information, like a Minors Report and a Weekly Roster Leech Report, along with a quote database and image fun. You won't regret checking us out." - Carlos

Dusty Says' RSS feed (syndication) is available at:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 1:48 PM | Comments (3)

June 4, 2005

CBA E-mail #8: More Blogs, Email List Update

Hello Cubs Blog Army!

I've spent the last two hours working on things around here, catching up on the backlog of new Cubs blogs and updating the sections of the CBA.

Its been since mid-March when I sent out the last update, and since then we have had about 18 new blogs join the blogroll. Some of these have gone on to be studs, and others are already 'retired.' So, if you haven't been down to the CBA site ( recently, I suggest you come down and update your blogroll.

This morning I also added a new section because we have gotten so large. There are now "Editor's picks", "Daily Updates", "Regular Updates", "Newbies", "Intermittent", and "retired" blogs. Hopefully the new classification will help some of the newer blogs distinguish themselves and gain readership.

We truly are an army. At this point the email list stands at 109 individuals, so it is hard to keep it up to date. I strongly encourage you to email me ( if you want to be excluded from this list.

In the last three months we have had two instances of a spammed message being sent across the list. I promised a zero tolerance policy, but within an hour of the first spam I had received three emails asking me not to remove the list. So, I redesigned the form to avoid an inadvertent spamming, but it happened a second time... so I have changed some of the admin options on the list and you now must be a member of the list in order to send a message. Hopefully this will work in the future.

Finally, I want to offer an opportunity for everyone to get an email address!

I have a thousand email addresses that came with the domain, and I'm willing to offer the addresses free of charge. The email address can be set up to forward to another address such as Gmail (I have some Gmail invitations if you want too), or you can have your own email box with a webmail interface.

Let me know if you are interested in an email address, all the cool kids are doing it :)

Go Cubs!

Posted by Byron at 12:29 PM | Comments (1)

I can't believe It's Not Biittner

Back in the day, there was a guy named Larry Biittner who played for the Cubs... and his name sounds a little like Butter...

I Can't Believe It's Not Biittner - Dusty Baylor & Morpheus

"This blog is a site for Cub fans to talk openly about the team, whether good or bad. The discussion will be open to subjects such as the parent club, the minor league teams, potential trades, and why the Cubs insist on keeping Jose Macias/Enrique Wilson/any light-hitting Latino middle infielder, name preferably ending in 'ez' around! We add plenty of insight due to a combinerd 56 years of being Cubs fans, and a treasure trove of useless pop culture references, and sports trivia to boot." - Morpheus

Well? what to say? As Dusty Baylor correctly points out in his introductory post... this is "yet ANOTHER Cubs blog...just what the world needed!!!"

In the posts that have already gone up, I detect a bit of sarcasm and jaded Cubs fanness. There are a few laughs and the usual points about whats wrong with the team. Go ahead and check it out.

I Can't Believe it's not Biittner's RSS feed (syndication) is available at:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 11:10 AM | Comments (1)

White Flag over Waveland

Interesting contradiction of context. You see a white flag often symbolizes surrender, but a White Flag over Waveland symbolizes victory. Nifty title.

White Flag over Waveland - JamesD.

"My goal is to traffic in speculation, gossip, and rumors. I plan to speculate on trades, callups, and free agents signings. I hope for this to become a forum to discuss such ideas just for the fun of it without need of any truth to the claims." - JamesD

Sorry about the "Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious" atop this post... I'm just embracing my inner geek. Anyhow, White Flag over Waveland is a new blog that was started earlier this week. So far so good, although there is one post I'd like to bring to your attention. I'm not sure if its creative genius beyond my understanding... or sheer stupidity, but this post is one of the more original ideas I've seen about the 2005 Cubs. The idea involves trading for Todd Helton and moving Derrek Lee to left field... Check it out, this one promises to be good.

White Flag over Waveland's RSS feed (syndication) is available at:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 10:53 AM

Temporary Bleachers

Somehow, this one slipped through the cracks.

Temporary Bleachers - Mike K.

If you remember last year, there was a Cubs blog called "Only the Game Matters" that did a good job of chronicling the season for the first few months. Well, after some reflection, Mike K. the owner of that blog decided to switch tactics a bit and concentrate on Cubs history. His latest blog is very good and has been published in relative obscurity for a few months. It is defintitely a blog you should consider adding to your list of daily reads.

Temporary Bleacher's RSS feed (syndication) is available at:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 10:09 AM

June 1, 2005

Sons of Hector Villanueva

Sons of Sam Horn... except without that nice ring to it:

Sons of Hector Villanueva - Alex.

"This site is the unofficial capital of Cubs Nation, and a quasi-official tribute to the greatest catcher since Damon Berryhill. After all, what better representative of Cubdom could there be than Hector Villanueva?" - Alex

Well, I knew the day would come eventually, and now its here. Sons of Hector Villanueva is the first blog from MLBlogs to join the Cubs Blog Army.

The blog is written by a professional writer named Alex Hickey, a fourth generation Cubs fan. So far (he started in early May), Alex has covered the usual topics you might expect. There are a few posts claiming the sky is falling and a few professing optimism. There is the requisite bullpen bashing, and Zambrano's computer use article. So, stop on by and check it out.

Sons of Hector Villanueva's RSS feed (syndication) is available at:

If you want to link to the site, just copy and paste this text into your webpage (template).

Posted by Byron at 5:32 PM

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