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April 30, 2008

Turning Two - A Ryan Theriot love blog

Regardless of your feelings toward Ryan Theriot, we all occasionally stand up and cheer when he comes through big for the club. Thus, for all you Riot Lovers out there, I've unearthed an enjoyable blog called Turning Two.

Turning Two - by Kyle and Rob

From their site: Not since Ryne Sandberg (23) or Mark Grace (17), have we been as excited and dedicated to a Cubs player as we are to "The Riot" (2). His determination, character, grit, and skills make us huge fans!

So go check out their Ryan Theriot blog, and remember to return the next time he does something to help the Cubs win.

Posted by Byron at 1:23 PM

April 28, 2008

Five Outs to go by Martin and Jason

Martin and Jason emailed me a few weeks ago about their newish blog, Five Outs to Go. It's been around since January, and is updated pretty much everyday. My only complaint... I really don't want to be reminded of that fateful October 2003 day again. Can we please, please, please, expunge that from our memories?

Five Outs to Go

Five Outs to Go is dedicated to the experience of being a Cubs fan. While we may touch on the players and the games every now and then, the purpose of the blog is to lampoon the ridiculousness that comes from spending 5 months a year immersed in Wrigleyville-the ups and downs of the team, sure, but also (and more importantly) the goofy and sometimes surreal experiences that make up the fans' own "Cubby Occurrences." We don't claim to know more than anyone else about the games, players, or coaches. But we know what being a Cubs fan is like and try to present that in all its absurdity every day.

The Brickyard becomes 'The Cubs Brickyard'

In other news, update your blogrolls! The Brickyard has a new URL and the old one is being phased out. It also got a name change so you don't confuse it for an Indy 500 blog, but the Cubs blog it rightfully is:

Posted by Byron at 8:45 PM | Comments (0)

April 24, 2008

Clark & Addison Blog by ClarkAddison

Recently, I've been approached by a few blogs who might not normally make it onto the sidebar, but are worth a post, and might make it onto the sidebar eventually. Thus, I'll post a few of them in the next few days.

Clark & Addison Blog was created as a place for fans of the Chicago Cubs, by a fan of the Chicago Cubs. This is a living site which will change often, growing in content as the 2008 season goes along. There is a blog, original photos, real-time Cubs news updates, and more every day! Check us out, link to us, comment on blog entries, and generally hang with like-minded, die-hard fans of all things Cubs!

Finally, a guy named Alex sent me links to these posts on his blog, Rumors and Rants. (It's not necessarily a Cubs Blog, but Cubs related material is always welcome here.)

The best sign in a long time.

Marty Brennaman - despised by Cubdom.

Posted by Byron at 8:18 PM

April 16, 2008

CBA Slam - A selection of interesting posts

First Base: Derrek Smart of Cub Town disects Lou Piniella's strategy in a game against the Phillies.

Second Base: CubNut at TCR presents the Tale of the Tape: Lou vs. Dusty

Third Base: Colin Wyeth examines just how much better Soriano is than Matt Murton.

Home Plate: Charlie Wilmoth of Bucs Dugout is trying to determine who the worst GM in baseball is. Jim Hendry's pitted against Omar Minaya.

Random Cubs Fact: On August 23, 1989, the Cubs lost to the Reds in Pete Rose's last game as a manager. The following day, Pete was banned for life for betting on baseball.

Posted by Byron at 11:29 PM

April 4, 2008

Keep It Wrigley?

From the proprietors of Cubs Hub, a petition for your consideration.

There are some things in this world that should never be bothered. The Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and Chicago style Pizza are just some of the things that deserve to be handled by God. A new greedy Cubs ownership have laid it on thick as they want to do the unthinkable; rename Wrigley Field for money. We here at are determined to do our part to stop this ridiculous idea. Wrigley Field is Wrigley Field and should be forever. Please sign our petition to show your support of not renaming Wrigley Field. This is not just for Cub fans, this is for all baseball fans and fans of life. We need to start spreading the word so God's home field keeps its sacred name.

I'll say, for the record, I express no opinion on this, but check out

Posted by Byron at 12:12 AM

April 1, 2008

April Fools on the CBA

Happy April Fools day, folks!

The Cub Reporter - presented by Motorola - Rob G. even sent out a press release for this one, and my first reaction was unbelief. I suppose I wasn't thinking about the day, and my only thoughts were: What could Motorola possibly gain by sponsoring a Cubs blog.

Barry Bonds signs with the Cubs at Cubs Hub. This news was a little more welcome. Even though I was well aware of the unlikely nature of the news, I still popped over to to check it out. The scary thing: I was kind of hoping it was true.

And then the hoax that wasn't. Kurt really thinks the Cubs are going to win 120 games this year. Deadspin thought it was funny enough that they linked to it.

And I'll close with a good one that CubsNet linked to from

Posted by Byron at 6:18 PM

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