5 Tips to Prepare for Baseball Season

January 18, 2022 Leave a comment Baseball

Spring is in the air and baseball season is right around the corner. There are a ton of things to do before you head out to your favorite ballpark, including stocking up on food and snacks for your tailgate party, picking up new cleats or a fresh glove from the sporting goods store, and buying tickets (if you haven’t already). Every year it seems like there’s more to prepare than ever! But don’t worry – we’re here with five tips to help make sure that this year’s season goes smoothly.

Tip # One: Make a Plan

One of the best things you can do to prepare for baseball season is to make a plan. This means figuring out which games you want to go to, what kind of food and drinks you’ll bring to tailgate parties, and what gear you need in order to be ready for game day. Having a plan will help keep you organized and make sure that you don’t miss any of the excitement this season has to offer.

Tip # Two: Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things to remember when going to a baseball game – or really any outdoor event during the spring and summer months – is to stay hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugary drinks and alcohol. Not only will this help keep you healthy, but it will also help make sure that you have enough energy to cheer on your favorite team all game long.

Tip # Three: Bring Snacks

If there’s one thing baseball fans know how to do, it’s how to tailgate! And what’s a tailgate without snacks? This season, make sure to stock up on your favorite munchies so you can enjoy them while you root for the home team. Some of our favorites include hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, and peanuts.

Tip # Four: Dress for the Weather

One thing you can’t control when going to a baseball game is the weather. That’s why it’s important to dress for the conditions, whether that means bringing a jacket and hat in case it gets cold or sunscreen and sunglasses if it’s hot outside. You’ll be happy you brought along all of your necessary gear when the sun starts beating down or the wind starts to pick up.

Tip # Five: Have Fun!

At the end of the day, baseball season is all about having fun. Whether you’re going to a game with friends or family, tailgating in the parking lot, or just watching from home, make sure to enjoy yourself and cheer on your team. Let’s go, team!

That’s it for our five tips to prepare for baseball season. We hope that these will help you have an enjoyable and exciting season. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start cheering on your favorite team!

Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Occupied When You’re Watching Baseball

July 23, 2020 Leave a comment Entertainment

While you are watching baseball, you know your dog is going to get bored. The last thing you would want to happen is for your pet to feel lonely. The first thing to do would be to give it a bit of a space to play. Don’t forget to put some doggie toys so that they can be preoccupied with doing something. Yes, put a lot of toys so it won’t get sick of doing the same thing over and over again. Here are the best ways to keep your dog occupied when you’re watching baseball:

Hire a Dog Walker

It would be awesome to hire a professional dog walker who can take care of the dog’s poo when it scatters around the sidewalk. Yes, the dog walker will know what to bring for a dog walking trip. In fact, most dog walkers are passionate about what they do which means they really love animals. They know how to get the animals to be happy. Of course, you must take your dog out for a walk when the baseball game is over as it would make for a pretty good bonding experience.

Organize a Play Date

It would be cool for the neighbor’s dog to come over if your neighbor is also busy. The dogs can play but make sure they are compatible with one another. There are some certain breeds that don’t really like each other and you can blame yourself for not seeing that. Before leaving them by themselves, better see if they are of the same gender since the female dog can get pregnant and you may end up with puppies by accident. Don’t be surprised if the two dogs chase each other around the house. It is just their way of having a lot of fun. You can tell from the looks on their faces that they are though.

Leave the TV On

There is a TV channel that is actually for dogs. Better switch it to that channel especially if you have two TVs at home. The dog can just watch what is happening on the tube and time will pass by before you know it. When the baseball game is over, the dog may still be focused on what is showing on the channel. You can tell your pet pretty much enjoyed what you had it do for the last few hours.

Leave the Window Open

When the window is open, the dog is going to check out the outside. That does not mean the pet will be tempted to walk around your lawn though. Dogs love walking out the window whether you take out to your car or still at your house. There will be a time when they accidentally try and exit through a glass door though and bump their heads. Don’t worry about that as they will learn their lesson the next time they try and do it again. Yes, they won’t make the same mistake twice as dogs are pretty smart animals.

How To Make Your Living Room The Ultimate Game Night Hub

March 13, 2019 Leave a comment Cubs, Entertainment, Socializing

Game night is a time to get together with friends, relax with family, or simply sit back and watch your favorite team give it all they have. Any avid Cubs fan knows that there are over 160 games per season – in other words, almost every other day of the year you’ll be watching a game on average. It goes without saying that if you’re going to be spending this much time watching the games from home that you should treat yourself to a few creature comforts. A few simple thoughtful choices can make your living room a truly great place for game night. Let’s dive in.

Comfort and Ease of View

You’re going to be in this room all the time, so it better be comfortable. Make sure there is at least one seat per viewer, and make sure that seat is comfortable. A nice sectional can be a great way to have plenty of seating for larger gatherings, and double as a spacious place to sprawl out on the quieter nights.

Your TV is of course essential. Bigger is pretty much always better when it comes to satisfaction, but in any case we need to work with what we have. Make sure the TV is in a central location where it can easily be heard and seen from all places within the room. If needed, you can install a set of speakers to help bring the excitement of the game to all corners.

Extra Flair

You can take your living room to the next level with a little bit of extra flare. Some basic things could be a bar or a kegerator, so you can have cold drinks at the tip of your fingers. You could put your TV on top of an electric fireplace TV stand, as Tim Arnold says this can really bring a room together. Other cool things could include a pool table, a dart board, or other games to keep people entertained throughout the commercials.

My Oh My The Food

What sporting event would be complete without a delicious display of food? Make sure no one goes hungry by offering a wide array of appetizers. For large parties, chips and dip can go an awful long way in curbing hunger. Chicken wings are always a favorite too. A cheese spread with cut meats can be easy to put together, and is sure to please a hungry crowd as well.

Of course then there is the main meal. Some things that go well for large parties would include chili, steak or pork carnitas, mac & cheese, or baby back ribs. There’s no need to hold back – you can always save left overs for days where there isn’t a game.

Make sure not to forget dessert, either. This can really bring the game together to a close, especially if the Cubs pull out ahead at the end of a nail-biter. Favorites include Oreo balls, cannolis, tiramisu, and bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. If you weren’t feeling stuffed before, you sure will now.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun with your friends and family. Outfit your living room in a way that makes sense for you and how you plan to use it. Just make sure you’re ready for the Cubs to win big this year, they’re due for a World Series appearance!

Clean Your Outdoor Fold-up Tailgating Chairs in Three Easy Steps

March 7, 2019 Leave a comment Entertainment, Socializing

I loathe cleaning fold-able outdoor furniture, after a bit of travel and a lot of use it just gets really nasty. If you tailgate like my family and I do, you know what I am talking about. Those unidentifiable food bits (at least I think it is food) stuck to the seats and in the cracks between the metal and nylon. Yuck! Or worse, something sticky stuck in the mesh of the cup holders. At least I think it was gum, I am still not too sure what it was and I wasn’t going to get my microscope out to identify it. I don’t have time for that and I don’t want my children touching it even if they probably put it there.

At the end of the season, all the fold-able chairs and tables were put away without being cleaned. It turned out to be an ultimate mess of epic unidentifiable proportions, but all was not lost. Every spring and fall I pull all the area rugs out of my home and wash them with my husband’s electric pressure washer. I am a mom that likes power tools, and the electric pressure washer is a must have on the family tool list. You can use the electric pressure washer to wash your car mats, car, boat, ATV’s, kid’s outdoor toys, siding of your house, and folding furniture. Here is how I solved my problem and cleaned our outdoor furniture for the upcoming tailgating season. 

Step one involves getting your cleaning product together, setting up your furniture, and the electric pressure washer. I non-toxic clean both inside and outside my home. White vinegar has strong properties that I know will break down mold and mildew. A spray bottle full of vinegar also cuts through grease, stains, and hard water. Set up all of your furniture on to a tarp or the patio. Place a heavy item such as a brick or a rock on the seats of the fold-able furniture, and on top of the tables. Spray down your furniture with the vinegar solution so it can do its job while you set up your pressure washer. If you’re not sure how to do this look in the manual that came with the washer. Your pressure washer should be set at a 1500-1900 psi for outdoor furniture. In a gallon bucket I add 1/3 cup of Castile soap to a gallon of water then fill the detergent tank on the machine. 

Step two involves washing your furniture. Safety first, wear those glasses! Nothing is worse than getting soapy water in the eye. Start with the crevices and stained areas first simply wash down the furniture with the spray. This should get all the furniture nice and clean. If there are a few tough areas spray again then let the soap sit for a few minutes and spray again. 

When you are satisfied that everything is as clean as you want it to be. Step three is rinsing your furniture down, then applying the vinegar solution again and let dry. This keeps mold and mildew from settling in to your furniture. Be sure to use it on those turf rugs too! 

The pressure washer saves a lot of time and energy. When our gas pressure washer finally broke, we were so happy because we had been wanting to buy an electric one. Catherine Galvan’s site TBEPW made it really easy to pick out the perfect model. Electric pressure washers are much more economical than the gas powered version and easier to maintain. To my delight it got that strange mess out of the mesh cup holder without having to identify what it was and hours of scrubbing. At the same time I am doing the to-go-tailgating furniture, I take the time to do the children’s outdoor play toys, and the dogs indoor crate since the psi must be the same for all.
When you’re a busy mom the pressure washer is a must have, especially for my busy household.

Updating your sports room? You gotta check out a futon!

March 31, 2018 Leave a comment Baseball, Entertainment, Socializing

What is a futon?

Futons are Japanese traditional bedding made primarily of cotton and other natural fibers. They were a basic thin mattress and a duvet and were folded up and put away during the day to make more room.

Nowadays, it’s more of a wooden bed frame that folds up into a couch for extra seating and to get the bedding out of the way of guests. The mattress is primarily made of cotton or natural fibers which makes this an excellent choice for asthma sufferers since dust mites cannot reproduce on this kind of material.

Futons are an inexpensive way to add seating to any room with the versatile capacity to be a bed without having to take up so much room. Along with being inexpensive, they are also very easy to maintain. The mattress, in most cases, comes with a cover that is removable and washable which makes cleaning up a breeze. You can also replace covers when the one you have becomes overused or you just decide it’s time for a change.

As for the frame, they range anywhere from wood to metal. Frames are typically lightweight compared to hide-a-bed couches and more inexpensive. Futons do not have springs so that reduces the worry of being poked by springs when the bed has become overused and worn down. Frames can be replaced to change with your style. One of the most popular is the log cabin style futons.

Futon also makes chairs that recline as well. This adds more seating and more room for guests to sleep.

Putting it in your sports room will give the benefit of a spare room without disrupting your man cave or taking it away.

Mattresses come in different thickness for comfort. The polyester blend mattress is the light weight of the mattresses. The thicker the mattress the more comfortable it becomes. The foam and cotton mattresses weigh less, hold their shape and don’t sag. Innerspring mattresses are available to give the comfort of a traditional bed.

If you are still not sure that a futon will work for your sports room, go to the bed stores near you and try out the different kinds of futons and mattresses and see if it would work in your situation. In fact, if you are looking for a comfortable and affordable futon, there are many options to choose from. Measure the room that it will be in and see if you could pull it out into a bed before making the leap. However, most rooms are large enough to house a futon.

Most of all, pick the frame, mattress and cover that best suits your needs and the area in which it will occupy! Happy shopping!

Liven Up Your Baseball Watching Party!

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Did you ever think about how to make your Baseball Watching Party a memory no one will forget? If you want to create an ideal space for some outdoor entertainment, you will need a fire pit.

What? A fire pit? You can’t be serious..

Actually I am! Fire pits can bring many benefits to your party! Fire pits are perfect for providing the ideal setting for a backyard party.

Fire pits with entertainment can set the mood of your event. Nothing adds to a baseball watching party like a relaxing fire pit. Any fire setting is known put warmth into the atmosphere and put your guests at ease. There is no better way to absorb the warmth and fun of sitting around a fire to turn a game night to a memorable night with friends.

Fire pits are a common gathering place, where you and your friends can eat, drink, converse and watch sports on a warm relaxing night. Having a fire pit has the advantage of bringing everyone together and not leave your party guests scattered. You really don’t want to spend your whole night of the party trying to keep everyone together and focused on the game, right? The solution to having a successful baseball watching fire pit party is to use seating, food and drinks to create sections your guests will naturally gravitate to.

Creating fire pits in your own backyard can make a casual baseball watching get-together look like a fully planned party without too much prep work. You can also buy prefabricated fire pits to save you some effort. Allow the natural surroundings of your backyard be your main focus of decoration for your event. Is that not the main advantage of having an outside party? Since you will be outdoors, this is one of the rare at-home parties where you don’t need to clean your home spotless. You should clean your main rooms such as your bathroom, living room, and dinning room. Anything behind closed doors you really don’t need to clean. You wouldn’t have to clean as much after the party is over either.

You can save a lot of money with fire pits, too. All it requires is wood and fire. Absolutely a free gift from mother nature! Fire pit parties usually end late. Because of this, you must make sure to have a sufficient amount of wood. You would really hate to run out of wood before the party is over.

Before creating your own fire pit be sure to make your fire pit at least 10 feet away from the main area. Do not put the fire pit underneath trees or your roof line. Never leave a fire unattended. Avoid starting a fire in windy conditions that may blow embers. Clean up leaves and any other flammables around the pit. Stand approximately 3 feet from the fire. Make sure the fire is completely extinguished before you end the night and go inside. Last but not least, have a permit.

There is something special about the warming atmosphere in your own backyard. The warmth of the fire pit and the entertainment of the baseball game is definitely hard to beat. So, kick up your feet, relax and enjoy the game around the relaxing fire pit!

Choosing Studio Headphones for Recording Sports Podcasts

February 28, 2018 Leave a comment Cubs, Podcast

Even if you’re a podcast fan or a headphone product user, you should audition one of the many suggested headsets by podcast fans and podcasters. I realize you might be on a precise budget while working to get your recording studio running with the right gear. Maybe the best podcast headphones might be one of the least essential items on your list.

Research online studio headphone information

However, you could research online for a useful list of studio headphones to help you choose the right recording headset, even if you don’t have a large budget. Keep in mind you want to have a sound quality recording for your podcast. And so, headphones will only help you record and edit your podcast better. Withal, selecting the right pair of headphones is a particular and personal effort.

Perhaps you’re on the verge of picking headphones for recording sports podcast. I can identify from experience what it’s like to sit back and tune in to an excellent podcast with clear audio coming directly into my ears – and using the best-quality headphones out there. That said, to make your buy decision more comfortable, you might apply these tips:

  • Audio leakage — be observant if sounds are escaping outside your headphones. Depending on the item’s design or brand, it could present an issue during your recording. You never know if people are sitting by as this could annoy them. On the other hand, if you’re doing a solo record, then your only concern would be how the leaking audio gets into the taping.However, the difference here is if your headphones are professional, which in this case, you will be involved with minor leaks or none at all. Your primary concern here is to adjust the headphone volume. Plus, a noise gate might be a lot of help, especially if you are recording with a co-host.
  • Distinctiveness (frequency response) — most headphone makers are mindful of headset users who listen to music and entertainment. So, they design them to magnify specific frequencies. And, this is a musical ingredient you might have in mind as you seek to get that precise audio reproduction. The awareness of the frequency response is you want your recording to be what you hear.Being sensitive to the headphone labels as some of them could be marked for monitor or as a studio type. When you are making the selection for headphones or earphones, remember that the sound reproduction is the main issue you need to control.
  • Noise Cancellation — as you should know, isolating as much noise as possible will pivot on the different sounds circling you. Noise cancellation is more efficient with over-ear headphones rather than using the in-ear headphones. Of course, this is the opposite of the audio coming outside of your headphones and the objection is to block out noises. More so, if you’re serious about podcasting, be sure to secure your door.Also, check your surroundings for other external sounds within the room that might affect your recording and editing.
  • Price Range — I’ve heard many consumers use the words, “You pay for what you get.” Most of us are not filthy rich, but there is an average price range $75 to $100 for some excellent studio headphones out there. Alternatively, if your money circumstances allow you to spend under $75, you might end up making a compromise on the sound isolation and leakage.Of course, you could just settle for some comfortable headphones only for recording your podcast.

A Brief History Of The Chicago Cubs

January 27, 2018 Leave a comment Baseball, Cubs, History

The Chicago Cubs would have never won a World Series again if it had not been for Theo Epstein. No story of the Cubs can be told without the fact that a young general manager came to the team and completely fixed them to make them relevant and break the curse. He has actually broken two curses in baseball now, but there is more to it than that.

The Chicago Cubs have been on the south side for a long time, and they were once one of the most competitive teams in baseball they won a couple World Series in the early part of the 20th Century, and then they tailed off due to injuries and mismanagement.

However, they are more known for their ballpark than anything they have done on the field. Wriggley Field is a staple that is over 100 years old, and the park is so old that they took a very long time just to install lights on it. That alone was a controversy, and they took even longer to deal with the people who sit on the roofs of buildings around the stadium just to watch baseball.

The team has been close in the playoffs many times, but they would never get over the hump with people like Andre Dawson or Moises Alou. They had the Bartman game where the fans of the team ran Steve Bartman out of town because of a fly out that he caught instead of a player, and they have been to the postseason a few times without actually getting over the hump. Every team in their division has been able to win a World Series, but they had not been able to.

They actually were spending a lot of money over the course of a very long time because they were owned by the Chicago Tribune. They were a staple of the city, but they did not have the right management. They were becoming a laughingstock not only of baseball but of sports. Cubs fans would say that they were still undefeated in spring training because at least the team hadn’t been able to screw things up yet. That is where Theo Epstein comes in and the team was able to break the curse and win the 2016 World Series. This team has been through a lot in over one hundred years, but they are finally looking up after all this time.