How To Make Your Living Room The Ultimate Game Night Hub

March 13, 2019 Cubs, Entertainment, Socializing

Game night is a time to get together with friends, relax with family, or simply sit back and watch your favorite team give it all they have. Any avid Cubs fan knows that there are over 160 games per season – in other words, almost every other day of the year you’ll be watching a game on average. It goes without saying that if you’re going to be spending this much time watching the games from home that you should treat yourself to a few creature comforts. A few simple thoughtful choices can make your living room a truly great place for game night. Let’s dive in.

Comfort and Ease of View

You’re going to be in this room all the time, so it better be comfortable. Make sure there is at least one seat per viewer, and make sure that seat is comfortable. A nice sectional can be a great way to have plenty of seating for larger gatherings, and double as a spacious place to sprawl out on the quieter nights.

Your TV is of course essential. Bigger is pretty much always better when it comes to satisfaction, but in any case we need to work with what we have. Make sure the TV is in a central location where it can easily be heard and seen from all places within the room. If needed, you can install a set of speakers to help bring the excitement of the game to all corners.

Extra Flair

You can take your living room to the next level with a little bit of extra flare. Some basic things could be a bar or a kegerator, so you can have cold drinks at the tip of your fingers. You could put your TV on top of an electric fireplace TV stand, as Tim Arnold says this can really bring a room together. Other cool things could include a pool table, a dart board, or other games to keep people entertained throughout the commercials.

My Oh My The Food

What sporting event would be complete without a delicious display of food? Make sure no one goes hungry by offering a wide array of appetizers. For large parties, chips and dip can go an awful long way in curbing hunger. Chicken wings are always a favorite too. A cheese spread with cut meats can be easy to put together, and is sure to please a hungry crowd as well.

Of course then there is the main meal. Some things that go well for large parties would include chili, steak or pork carnitas, mac & cheese, or baby back ribs. There’s no need to hold back – you can always save left overs for days where there isn’t a game.

Make sure not to forget dessert, either. This can really bring the game together to a close, especially if the Cubs pull out ahead at the end of a nail-biter. Favorites include Oreo balls, cannolis, tiramisu, and bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. If you weren’t feeling stuffed before, you sure will now.

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun with your friends and family. Outfit your living room in a way that makes sense for you and how you plan to use it. Just make sure you’re ready for the Cubs to win big this year, they’re due for a World Series appearance!

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