Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Occupied When You’re Watching Baseball

July 23, 2020 Entertainment

While you are watching baseball, you know your dog is going to get bored. The last thing you would want to happen is for your pet to feel lonely. The first thing to do would be to give it a bit of a space to play. Don’t forget to put some doggie toys so that they can be preoccupied with doing something. Yes, put a lot of toys so it won’t get sick of doing the same thing over and over again. Here are the best ways to keep your dog occupied when you’re watching baseball:

Hire a Dog Walker

It would be awesome to hire a professional dog walker who can take care of the dog’s poo when it scatters around the sidewalk. Yes, the dog walker will know what to bring for a dog walking trip. In fact, most dog walkers are passionate about what they do which means they really love animals. They know how to get the animals to be happy. Of course, you must take your dog out for a walk when the baseball game is over as it would make for a pretty good bonding experience.

Organize a Play Date

It would be cool for the neighbor’s dog to come over if your neighbor is also busy. The dogs can play but make sure they are compatible with one another. There are some certain breeds that don’t really like each other and you can blame yourself for not seeing that. Before leaving them by themselves, better see if they are of the same gender since the female dog can get pregnant and you may end up with puppies by accident. Don’t be surprised if the two dogs chase each other around the house. It is just their way of having a lot of fun. You can tell from the looks on their faces that they are though.

Leave the TV On

There is a TV channel that is actually for dogs. Better switch it to that channel especially if you have two TVs at home. The dog can just watch what is happening on the tube and time will pass by before you know it. When the baseball game is over, the dog may still be focused on what is showing on the channel. You can tell your pet pretty much enjoyed what you had it do for the last few hours.

Leave the Window Open

When the window is open, the dog is going to check out the outside. That does not mean the pet will be tempted to walk around your lawn though. Dogs love walking out the window whether you take out to your car or still at your house. There will be a time when they accidentally try and exit through a glass door though and bump their heads. Don’t worry about that as they will learn their lesson the next time they try and do it again. Yes, they won’t make the same mistake twice as dogs are pretty smart animals.

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