Robby Clifton is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan who consistently suspends his disbelief. He is faced with the idea that the season could fall apart at any moment, and he has seen it all in his lifetime.

He Also Has Hope

Robby Clifton hope because the Cubs start every season saying they are in first place. This is a funny way of saying that they will be in first place for at least a day before games are played. However, the majority of Chicago Cubs fans are aware that they could be in last place for a good portion of the season.

He Expects The Worst

Robby is expecting the worst to happen at any time. His team could have won the World Series, but he is afraid the ruling will be overturned. He once saw his team win a title and was downtrodden the next season when the team got off to a bad start. He automatically assumed the team would terrible once again.

He Hates The Cardinals

All Cubs fans hate the White Sox because that is their rival from across town. However, they hate the Cardinals more. The Cubs have a seething rivalry that has lasted for over 100 years, and it will not stop anytime soon. Cubs fans are ready to fight Cardinals fans, and they often travel to St. Louis for games because they enjoy heckling opposing fans.

He Believes In The Billy Goat

The curse of the billy goat may have been broken, but that does not mean that the Cubs fans are convinced it is over. Cubs fans could easily blame another few years of losing on the very same billy goat, and they are happy to produce theories that support their ideas.

Robby will never truly believe his team can be great. He must protect himself from heartache.